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Leong Tin Chee


 Leong Tin Chee

Leong Tin Chee ( Leung Tien Chiu), born in 1877, was the nephew of the Shaolin Monk Leong Sil Jung. Leong Sil Jung was the founder of the Fut Gar system, and was considered to be the highest monk of the Shaolin Temple when he set out from the temple to teach Kung Fu for the benefit of the people.

Leong Tin Chee who had practiced Kung Fu for over twenty years, always hoped that one day he would be able to study under his uncle, a true Shaolin Monk. Having learned that his uncle was teaching in Wong-Nam Province, he set out to find him. Upon visiting the school he found that his uncle (over eighty years old) had recently died. Hue Lung Gong (a disciple of Leong Sil Jong), decided to teach Leong Tin Chee to show his appreciation to Leong Sil Jong. Leong Tin Chee completed his training at age forty and returned home to his native village of Sum Kai, in Kwang-Sai Province.

Shortly thereafter, after having placed first in the free-sparring competition at the National Tournament for ranking Kung Fu masters throughout China in 1928, he went from province to province teaching his art. At many schools, he functioned as a coach, helping the students perfect their Art.


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